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EFS Revision Group primarily focuses on solar and energy efficiency businesses and we continue to pursue and explore opportunities and new technologies including energy storage and waste-to-energy


Comprehensive Packaged Solution for Solar Photovoltaic

  • Net Energy Metering (NEM)
  • Corporate Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement (CREPPA)
  • Solar/Equipment Leasing
  • Utility-Scale Solar PV
  • Off-Grid/Hybrid Solar PV System Integration
  • Operating & Maintenance

Integration of Alternative Energy

  • Advisory and coordination services for Wind, Solar and Biomass
  • Energy Risk Mitigation Plan incorporating renewable forms of energy and production technologies to complement energy efficiency solutions 


Energy Audit & Energy Efficiency Consultancy and Solutions

  • Identify energy supply information and status
  • Identify present and historical energy usage pattern
  • Identify where the areas for energy savings and optimisation
  • Provide solutions in assisting building owners to formulate energy management plan and implement the relevant energy saving measures (ESMs) recommended in the energy audit report
  • Facilitate procurement of Green Building Index Certification

Energy Management & Optimisation Implementation

  • Provide consultancy on implementation of energy solution that can optimise and improve energy management, generate revenue and reduce cost
  • Provide turnkey engineering, procurement, financing, construction and commissioning of Energy Efficiency investment projects for chiller systems and LED lighting solutions
  • Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) for selected clientele on chiller retrofitting based on a ‘Zero CAPEX-Build, Operate, Maintain and/or Transfer’ model
  • Fixed Shared Savings Contract (FSSC) for selected clientele on LED retrofitting based on a ‘Zero CAPEX-Build, Operate, Maintain and/or Transfer’ model

Maintenance of Chiller Systems

  • Provide advice & solutions to increase efficiency and operational issues
  • Provide cleaning and servicing of chiller as well as addressing/implementing effective solutions to resolve chiller issues
  • Provide prompt and efficient after-sales service 

Integrated LED solutions

  • LED retrofitting
  • LED internal and external media, communication and lighting facades
  • LED landscape and customised lighting solutions