Renewable Energy

Reduce carbon emissions and energy bills through solar energy

Solar for Commercial & Industrial Applications

Boost your bottom line and corporate credentials with sustainable energy

Solar for Residences 

Reduce your family’s carbon footprint at a reasonable price

Energy Efficiency

We provide an array of options to reduce energy consumption


Integrated LED lighting solutions


Cooling down interiors with reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Energy Audit

Identifying areas of improvement in your energy consumption pattern

Energy Performance Contracting

Accomplish energy savings projects without up-front capital costs

Chiller Maintenance

Keep your chiller running efficiently to improve cost and energy efficiency

Chiller Plant Optimisation

Control your cooling loads with advanced analytics and data

Highly Proficient Technical Team

From engineering design, electrical system installation, to energy management, our team of experts ensure every completed project conforms to clients’ needs and local technical requirements.

Testimonials & Quality Policy

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